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Team FishTalk/PropTalk is comprised of 100% Maryland natives, all related in one way or another to Annapolis-based SpinSheet Publishing. FishTalk and PropTalk magazines teamed up to sponsor of Fish for a Cure this year, and now our aim is to generate big bucks for the cause via the Captain's Challenge - as well as winning the fishing part of this tournament, of course!

Team captain Lenny Rudow, FishTalk Magazine's angler-in-chief, is obviously no stranger to fishing the Chesapeake Bay. Zach Ditmars, the art director/production manager for both magazines, is a fishing force to be reckoned with in his own right. Then there's senior editor Kaylie Jasinski, also known as "fish-crushing Kaylie". And Rudow boys David and Max may one day learn how to thread a worm on a hook, too. We'll see. 

Get ready, anglers - we're playin' to win. But more importantly, we're playin' to raise money for Fish for a Cure because we all know that this program has a direct impact on the lives of many people who are fighting against cancer... and that's a battle we'd all like to win.


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