When is the fundraising deadline for the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

The deadline for donations to be applied to boats competing in the 2021 Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge is 6:00pm on Saturday, November 6, 2021. This includes online credit card, cash, and checks. The winning boat with the most funds raised in the Captain’s Challenge will be announced during the F4AC Weigh-In event and the Captain’s Challenge announcement, which will take place at the South Annapolis Yacht Centre from 4-6 pm.

Due to hospital visitor restrictions in place at AAMC, donations can be made online or mailed to the AAMC Foundation office at 2000 Medical Parkway, Belcher Pavilion, Suite 604, Annapolis, MD 21401. If you have any questions, please contact the Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation office at 443-481-4587 or fishforacure@aahs.org for further details. Any checks received in the mail after close of business Friday, November 5, will not be applied towards the 2021 Captain’s Challenge standings but will support the Cancer Survivorship Program at AAMC.  Please make checks payable to AAMC Foundation and include the boat name in the memo line.

How do I register my boat? Can I use the same information as last year?

If you are a returning Captain, your username and password from 2020 is saved in the system and should work for you again this year.

  • Click ‘Register Your Boat’ and ‘Join as a New Captain’
  • Click ‘I would like to start a new team’ in the lower right corner and enter the information prompted.
  • Once you have entered the captain’s information, please select ‘register another angler’ and register your 3 included anglers and any additional anglers fishing.

If you have any questions about boat registration or customizing your personal boat fundraising page, please email fishforacure@aahs.org or call 443-481-4799.

How much does it cost to register a boat?

It costs $500 to register your boat, yourself, and up to three anglers. Additional details coming soon but initial registration also includes entrance to the Captain’s Meeting on November 6th, and F4AC Portable Party Pack supplies (a $600 value) for all four crew members for our Virtual Shore Party after the fishing tournament on November 6th. Additional anglers can be added to your boat and the F4AC Virtual Shore Party for a $150 fee each.

The deadline for boat registration for the 2021 F4AC Tournament is 5pm on Saturday, October 30th, 2021.

I am a sponsor, how do I register the boat included in my sponsorship?

Email fishforacure@aahs.org for the sponsor code!

What is a Private F4AC Shore Party?

This year, each boat will be able to  host their own private F4AC Shore Party on Saturday, November 6th following the F4AC Tournament. Each crew will receive a F4AC Portable Party Pack so that they can keep the festivities going after a great day on the Bay.

More details coming soon but we look forward to sharing all of the great ways we plan to celebrate the incredible commitment of our captains, anglers, and community partners who are making a splash in cancer care as well as announce our F4AC Tournament winners.

Stay connected with us socially by following us on our F4AC Facebook page.

Can I write a check?

Yes. Please make checks payable to AAMC Foundation and mail to 2000 Medical Parkway, Belcher Pavilion, Suite 604, Annapolis, MD, 21401. Be sure to place the name of the boat you are donating to in the memo line!

How can I honor a loved one through Fish For a Cure?

To give a gift in memory of someone, we ask that donations be made to benefit F4AC’s cause of supporting the Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute at AAMC. Your gift may be made payable to AAMC Foundation, and note on the memo line of the check “In memory/honor of (include name)” Please mail contributions to AAMC Foundation, 2000 Medical Parkway, Belcher Pavilion Suite 604, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.

What is the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

The Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge is a fundraising competition. As well as participating in the fishing tournament, each Captain will be asked to set a goal of $3,000 for additional fundraising dollars. The Captains will need to put together some information and pictures of their team/boat to be shared on your customized boat fundraising page. This page can then be forwarded to friends and family to generate donations to Fish For A Cure.

In order for the F4AC Board to announce the winner of the Paul C. Dettor Captains Challenge during the Shore Party, the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge will officially close at 6:00pm on Saturday, November 6th. No additional online donations will count towards any boat’s final fundraising numbers at this point. However, charitable gifts to Fish For A Cure can still be made during and after the event and are much appreciated.

Do I “have” to participate in the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

Participation isn’t mandatory, but it is expected. This is a tournament aimed at raising funds for cancer survivorship programs and we expect Captains to accept a team goal of $3,000. The Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge is the best way to increase exposure for the event and an excellent vehicle for raising as much money as possible for a fantastic cause. Plus, the competition to win the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge will be fierce and is a lot of fun – you may well regret not participating!

What information do I need to put together for my team’s Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge page?

You will need to put together a short biography for the team. Include things like why you chose to participate, what the tournament means to you, what your goals are, how much you intend to raise, how you intend to crush your competition…A picture would be great! There will be examples of other Captain’s pages for you to refer to and a digital tackle box containing all kinds of tips and templates to make the process as easy as possible.

What if I have questions about getting my boat set-up on the F4AC website. I got through the registration process; but now I’d like to personalize my boat and team page?

If your kids can’t fix it for you, please email: fishforacure@aahs.org

When/What is the Captain’s Meeting?

This year’s Captain’s Meeting will be Wednesday, November 4th at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, 723 2nd St, Annapolis, MD 21403. You can pick up your captain’s buckets and F4AC signature t-shirts for your crew during your designated time and grab a bite and a brew while you mingle with fellow anglers from a social distance. Learn more about our 2020 Tournament rules and procedures that night with an interactive live stream with our F4AC crew and our partners at CCA MD. More details coming soon.

Why is attendance at the Captain’s Meeting mandatory?

Only one member of each crew is expected to attend and we need to know who is definitely fishing! Plus this is our opportunity to make sure all Captains understand the rules of the tournament and have been given their packets/Captain’s swag.

What should I expect at the Fishing Tournament on Saturday?

With respect to the impact of COVID-19 on our community, we are transitioning to a virtual F4AC Tournament this year and will utilize the iAngler smartphone app to log your catch. More details coming soon about timelines, how to use the app, and elements of competition.

Why this year’s fishing tournament Catch & Release only?

Keeping social distancing guidelines outlined by the CDC in place, this year’s F4AC Tournament will be Catch & Release only and supported by Coastal Conservation Association Maryland. Additional details on our Tournament rules page. Although we won’t be gathering in person for weigh in, our captains and anglers will have:

  • more chances to win cool prizes with additional fishing divisions
  • more time on the water with our extended 5pm deadline for fish photo submissions
  • the opportunity to celebrate a great day of fishing among friends with winning angler announcements made during our F4AC Virtual Shore Party

For more information about this year’s F4AC Tournament, contact 443-481-4587.

When will I receive my Fish For A Cure t-shirt?

Fish For A Cure t-shirts for all Captains and anglers are available for pick up at the Captain’s meeting.

For those who make a donation of $125 or more to a boat, you have the option to select free shipping or in-person pick up at AllTackle in Annapolis during check out. (AllTackle is located at 2062 Somerville Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401.)

F4AC t-shirts will be mailed or available for pick up after the 2020 Tournament. Exact dates and times coming soon! Thank you so much for your generous support of the Cancer Survivorship Program. Email fishforacure@aahs.org with any questions.

How does F4AC partner with AAMC Foundation?

Thanks to the generous support over the last decade of our Captains, Anglers, sponsors, and community partners like you, we have grown the Fish For A Cure Tournament and Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge to a grand scale. To help us keep this ever growing fishing tournament and Shore Party running ship shape, we have recruited the Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation to assist with the maintenance of our website and online donation process. Our Fish For A Cure Board crew still spearhead this special event, but the AAMC team is helping us in our wake.

Is Fish For a Cure a registered 501(c) (3)?

Fish For a Cure is an event run in partnership with Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation, which is a registered non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is: 52-1331298. If you need a copy of our letter of certification, mission statement or W9, please email: fishforacure@aahs.org