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F4AC Captain’s Log Featuring Capt. John and his 7 Breast Friends

With a boat name like that, there must be a story behind it. Read on below to find out what being a part of F4AC means to Captain John Rodenhausen and his all-female crew.

What inspired you to get involved with F4AC?

I hate cancer, but I love to fish!

What is your favorite part of the tournament, shore party, and fundraising challenge?

The community- I love how everyone comes together to help folks who are struggling on their journey to survival. But some are simply there to honor those who have lost their battle.

What are some of the creative ways that you fundraise for your boat in support of the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

  1. Have an awesome crew
  2. Have generous donors
  3. Have fun with it. You’re saving lives and everyone deserves a smile along the way.

Why is supporting the Cancer Survivorship program at AAMC’s Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute meaningful to you and your crew?

My seven-member all-female crew consists of two cancer survivors who were supported by the DeCesaris Cancer Institute. Another one of our crew is nurse practitioner there. To say it’s personal would be an understatement.


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