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F4AC Captain’s Log featuring Team FishTalk/PropTalk

For the past three years, Team FishTalk/PropTalk has continually raised the bar in their commitment to spreading the word about F4AC and competing as avid anglers and inspired community partners in the annual Fish For A Cure Tournament, Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge, and Shore Party.

Read on below to find out what being a part of F4AC means to Captain Lenny Rudow, Angler in Chief of FishTalk magazine.

  • What inspired you to get involved with F4AC?

I was involved on a personal level for years, but when FishTalk magazine came into being and sponsorship opportunities began arising, I knew Fish For A Cure was an event we wanted to help support 100%. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer!

  • What is your favorite F4AC fish tale?

Hearing former patients speak about the impact the Nurse Navigators the tournament helps provide funding for during the events. Being married to a two-time cancer survivor, that really brought the impact of the tournament home, for me.

  • What is your favorite part of the tournament, shore party, and fundraising challenge?

The biggest challenge- and greatest potential for reward- is the fundraising, no doubt. But when you set lofty goals and hit them- BAM! Now, that’s the real win!

  • What are some of the creative ways that you fundraise for your boat in support of the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

Our Bucktails Bash party was an adventure, for sure. And it worked- we brought in over a quarter of our total fundraising dollars in that one night.

Fish For A Cure captains and crews get involved with this signature fishing and fundraising event for many reasons and we want to share your F4AC stories. Fill out our 2019 Captain’s Log survey here.